Kayak Fishing Nova Scotia

I am not wealthy, I am not famous. But I have everything that I ever need in life. Family, friends, and fishing. Most people won’t understand why fishing falls with the traditional topics of importance in the life of average folks, but fishing is what drives me. It’s not the catching, although I like nothing better than actually accomplishing something on the water. What drives me is the act of fishing. All species, all water, from a kayak or standing on the shores of the Bay of Fundy: It’s about the solitude, the friends, the time spent in the outdoors. Sunshine, rain, cold. Summer and winter. I make the most of the time I have on the water, I learn something new every time I go out, and I truly enjoy the process, the¬†preparation, and the time I spend on the water. Fishing takes away all of the stresses and troubles of every day life, it takes me away from the desk and the tiny window I look out in my Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job. It’s a passion, and it’s something that I love to share with those around me.¬†


9 responses to “Kayak Fishing Nova Scotia

  1. howdy, im enjoying your site (bookmarked it)…im also from ON and living in truro (2yrs now) and it seems we fish the same waters so i can relate with your posts….pretty sure we crossed paths out at grand chasing stripers last month….anyway just hoping you keep up the posts as im always in to hearin what others are doing, what works what doesnt etc.


  2. We are planning a trip to Nova Scotia during July and Aug, and as I aman avid offshore kayak fisherman, I’m trying to make some contacts in your area to help in planning the fishing part of our trip. We travel in a motor home and carry my kayak on a towed veh. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Art.

  3. I live in Ontario and my wife and I love our kayaks. I have a home on digby ns and a cabin in cheverie ns and a small trail or in by Brookfield ns so I can fish cheep across the province . I spend my summers in nova Scotia and love to fish . I hope to be living in digby in the next year or two. Hope to find a friend that will fish the bay of fundy . My wife is scared of sharks and won’t go out .

    • Hey Greg, I’ve fished the Bay of Fundy a couple times, it’s not something to mess around with but I have a spot about 20 minutes from Brookfield with easy access for the kayaks without having to deal with the mud. You only get a couple hours of fishing time here but it’s worth fishing most of the time.

  4. any places to kayak fish in cape Breton that you would recommend for any species? bring 2 yaks there next week.

    • I suspect the fishing now will be completely different than when I was there. I was camping on the Baddeck River so the Baddeck area is about all I’m familiar with. If I went back again now I’d probably try the Whycocomah area, there’s a boat launch right off the highway, then head out for deeper water toward the pens. If that doesn’t work, I’d try the main lake off Baddeck, there’s a bunch of places to launch in town or just past town. And finally, the mouth of the baddeck river, from the TCH upstream to where it gets really wide and really shallow, I would run some bigger lures through that area looking for stripers, there should be some around. Unfortunately I’m just guessing with all of these, but I’m sure there has to be some fish around. Little Cleos were working for me for trolling.

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